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Guru Amar Das Sahib JiThe poet Bhal has written the following verse in praise of Guru Amar Das Ji. Bhal Jee vividly describes Guru Sahib’s virtues, saying that there is no comparison of Maharaj’s virtues.

The alarm annoyingly blasts out, it’s morning sound. I run to turn it off, to maintain my sanity, I reach out and grab my Nokia phone, turning off the alarm, frantically hitting the keys. I turn to my bed and think do I get under the lovely warm rajaee (duvet), or do I instead turn and make love with my beloved?

Carrot HalwaSpecial occasion or fancy trying to make some of those dishes you find on the streets of authentic India? Well here are some recipes you just have to try! Coconut Laddoo's to Carrot Halwa, there's something to try for everyone.


Guru Gobind  Singh

We celebrate Vaisakhi every year but Vaisakhi isn't just about orange flags and a stroll through the streets.