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My focus is to highlight how Sikhs living in a western society have to deal with problematic issues, where certain western values don't blend with Sikh religious principles. I also believe that up the point that I was "lucky" to know of the Sikh religion, which helped guide my decisions, but unfortunately many of today's young grow up ignorant to what Sikhism is.

Bhai Apardeep SinghIt was back in 2003, and one of the first Rehansbhais I attended was in Hounslow, just outside of West London. The Gurdwara, on Alice Way, was beautiful and my first time visiting. It has a beautiful water feature just before you enter the main divaan hall, which as you will see from the photographs, is also really amazing. The Rehansbhai had some truly amazing Keertani who really made the entire sangat sing in harmony and bliss. Amongst the Keertani were Bhai Apardeep Singh, who was very popular in the Akhand Keertani Jatha at that time, as well as Bhai Manpreet Singh (Kanpur) who was visiting from India. Bhai Manpreet Singh's popularity had exploded around that time, so sangat came from far and wide. 

Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa, Vaheguru ji ki Fateh.

Welcome to Sikhroots website. My name is Aman Singh and I run this website with one of my friends, Harmeet Singh. We have been running now for over 10 years, in various different shapes and forms. We started out as Sikhi FM, which originally started to promote a local Sikh radio station started by some great individuals from Wolverhampton (UK). Thanks to that, the platform was created to build this website which then changed to Ekta One and now SikhRoots.com. (Don't worry, we have no plans to change the name again!). But why do we do it?

A poem for those who once gave Guru Jee their head by taking Amrit, but took it back. A poem for those who drank the sweet gift of Amrit and spat it right back out. A poem for those who splashed Amrit in their kesh, only to wash it right back out.