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Billa and Dally imageBaljinder Singh woke to his alarm clattering at 4am, he ran to turn off it’s irritating buzzing. Now he faced the daily dilemma, Do I crawl back under that lovely thick rajaiee (duvet)? Or do the right thing and walk to the bathroom and have a shower ready for meditation? On this occasion Baljinder’s virtues won the battle and he made his way to the bathroom.

iPhoneIts undoubtedly the most popular gadget of the decade - the iPhone has changed the future of mobile phone technology forever. With a record number of applications available on it, we have a look at some of the Sikh apps out there for you to download. A lot of time and effort has gone into creating these applications so well done to the developers. Its also a very costly process so do visit the relevent websites and donate to the projects. They are also always looking for feedback so don't hesitate to contact them with your suggestions and opinions.