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Devotional music, one of the most ennobling arts, is a potent means of God-realization and can transcend the barriers of space and time. Melodious couplets of Kabir Ji and mystic chants of Guru Nanak Dev Ji demonstrate the power devotional music has over the human mind, and its efficacy as a way to seek the ultimate goal of human life. Wherever Kirtan is sung, the entire atmosphere is transformed into a state of unimaginable bliss.  Singing and listening to Kirtan touches the unconscious and is a means of integration. Reaching the unconscious is to reach the innermost self, which lies hidden – the divine spark which once lit, leads to illumination and enlightenment.

Download the soundtrack from the movie "Nanak Shah Fakir" that has been causing a stir around the globe. The soundtrack has some beautiful Keertan recorded by renowned artists that capture the essence of the Bani of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Jee. The movie was withdrawn from cinemas around the world as it hurt the sentiments of many who felt the movie should not have had an actor playing the Guru, despite the actor being unidentifiable. The movie should be re-released later on in the year once re-approved by the Akaal Takht.

Bhai Mohinder Singh embraces Bhai Amolak SinghSince the time our Masters, our Gurus walked this earth, great Saints, scholars and visionaries continue to come and inevitably go. Their physical departure often sees the dawn of a new vision, a new light, a new way of thinking, feeling and being. Today, those movements are often seen as “jathas” or “groups”. A collective of like-minded Sikhs who believe in, follow or connect with the vision and soul of these great men and women.

30 Day Naam Simran Jaap, WillenhallThis year marks thirty years since the attacks on Sri Harimandir Sahib, Amritsar and the genocide attacks against Sikhs. To commemorate, a 30-day Naam Simran Jaap in Willenhall, England was organized by the youth. Listen and download Gurbani keertan from this uplifting smagam which was also supported by multiple Jathebandhis. 

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