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Gives Me HopeI could start with a long list of things happening right now in this world which would make you feel like nothing in this world is going right. I am sure you know about many things yourself which sometimes provokes thoughts in your mind at night whilst you lie in bed wishing that you could just fall asleep.

It’s something more of us are experiencing day by day and why? Well, more and more in the news you hear stories of natural disasters, people being killed for the pennies in their pocket, young women being abused and so much more. It’s not always easy to see the brighter, positive side to life and the good that so many people in this world do bring.

Sikhism is not about sheltering yourself from the outside world. It’s not about forgetting those that don’t share the same views and the same opinions as you do. Knowledge, wisdom and inspiration can come in so many different shapes and forms. The internet is one of those forms.

GivesMeHope.com began in May 2009. It's a free and open website to all with a very good and valuable concept. GivesMeHope (GMH) is where people share with the world their most hopeful, uplifting moments and allow others to draw strength from their experiences. It features short messages about such a wide range of people from the innocence of children to the kindness of strangers and even highlighting the good in bad. I remember reading one message about some jailed prisoners who had saved money to pay for the funeral of a poor 2-year-old girl who was killed in a road accident. Here's some more examples of the kind of stuff people post on there:

Last year, a local boat carrying various aged passengers home, flipped during a storm.

There was a teenaged boy and a baby aboard. Though the teenaged boy couldn't swim, he placed the baby on the last floating device--a cushion. The teenaged boy drowned. He was a basketball player and a senior in high school.

Your selflessness GMH. RIP Rishard.”

Today is my friend's 16th birthday, he died on the 22nd of December 2009.

I found out a few days ago that he passed away when shots were fired after he saved a 15 year old girl from being raped by 3 men. She got away.

His selflessness GMH.”

Last May, I tried to kill myself. When I got home from the hospital, my family barely said a word.

I went to bed in tears, until my little brother woke me up and dragged me onto our garage roof. He sat and watched the stars with me for two hours, telling me he loved me, and that he wants to make everything better.

My 9yr old brother GMH.”

A couple of weeks ago, one of my family's close friend's father passed away.

We saw him a couple days after, and my little sister went up to him and told him that she would share her daddy with him, because no one should have to live without a daddy. She's four. She GMH.”

The website was made in response to another website which is the exact opposite of GMH. It asks people to post things happening in their life which makes them sad or angry. I think GMH is brilliant in its response and certainly very thought provoking. Some of the stuff will bring tears of joy to your eyes and put a smile on your face. So visit the site and share it with others who may need that bit of lifting. If you have an iPhone, download the GMH app and you can read the new posts when you’re waiting for the bus or train. It’s just a little something that will help lift your day and give you hope that in this dark age… there still is light.

We hope you all remain in the highest of spirits :-)