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Panjab and Panjabi

The book titled “Panjab and Panjabi” authored by Mr. G.S.Sidhu, is a highly delightful, informative and interesting addition to literature. It is a genuine attempt to put forth in a lucid style the facts about the origin, growth, and development of Panjabi language and script starting from the earliest times.

The history of the Panjab has influenced the whole history of India for centuries. If we try to reconstruct this history, our efforts meet with enormous difficulties. Panjab has been the threshold of foreign invaders, who not only destroyed most of its history but also adulterated the culture and social values from time to time. As a result of the vicissitudes of Panjab, very meager sources are available from which a historian can build up a true and authentic history. This book tries to brush off the dust of antiquity from the available sources and get a bird’s eye view of the main events that influenced the Panjabis, their culture, language and social institutions