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Se Kinehiya (English)

This meritorious holy book, “Say Kinehiya” has been studied and reflected over, in which Sant Baba Seva Singh Ji has recounted the life of highly respected, benevolent and great Saint, Sant Baba Harnam Singh Ji, who possessed supreme spiritual knowledge. The conception of this book is for the benefit of all those who have a desire to learn about Sikhi. This book will become a lighthouse to those who are drifting away from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and have no faith in Gurmat. It will put forth guidelines for other seekers of spiritual knowledge. Reading this book will instil deep faith and devotion upon the very word of Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The qualities of amrit, sadh sangat, gurmat, Naam recitation and selfless service will be inculcated. Reading this book will convert and transmute many lives into gems and diamonds. It relates different methods of attaining oneness with the true Guru, firmness in gurmat, the technique of Naam simran and its benefits. Such a praiseworthy holy book is needed in these modern times.