Bhai Sarbjeet Singh Laddi

Genre Kirtan
City Amritsar
Country India

Bhai Sarabjit Singh has been doing kirtan seva for 35 years, 25 years of which has been at Sachkhand Sri Harmandir Sahib. Bhai Sahib started his career at Darbar Sahib by playing tabla with Padamshri Bhai Nirmal Singh Ji Khalsa and Bhai Gurmej Singh Ji. His personal inspirations for shabad kirtan are Shiromani Raagi Bhai Balbir Singh Ji, Bhai Samund Singh Ji, Bhai Gurmail Singh Ji and Bhai Harjinder Singh Ji Sri Nagar Wale.

Bhai Sahib’s personal view is that raag is the inevitable part of Gurmat Sangeet. It is a complete presentation through ragas. Otherwise there is something missing. Raag means love, dedication and all kinds of feelings which are described by Guru Ji in Gurbani. Gurbani can be explained through raags in the perfect manner. According to Bhai Sahib, raag is very important in Gurmat Sangeet.

Bhai Sahib received the Bhai Mardana award from Ferozpur. He received another Bhai Mardana award from IIGS in Los Angeles, CA. He received a Shiromani Ragi award from Jawaddi Taksaal, Ludhiana. He has performed kirtan at Rashtarpati Bhawan (The President House in India). He was honored by President Abdul Kalam. Bhai Sarabjit Singh is well known for his deeply melodic voice and depth of skill in Shabad Kirtan.

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