Bhai Onkar Singh

Genre Kirtan
City Una Sahib
Country India
Years active 1995 to present

Bhai Onkar Singh (Una Sahib Wale) was born in Khalator village. His mother mother Shanti Kaur, father Kehar Singh done sewa of singing dharmik bhajan shabads in Ramlila for over 50 years. Bhai Onkar Singh went to Sri Guru Shergah Sahib Paunta Sahib School where Ustad Mahender Singh and Baba Gurdial Singh taught him Gurbani Keertan for 3-4 years. After that, Bhai Onkar Singh performed Kirtan with Baba Tara Singh and Baba Pritpal Singh for 1-2 years in Meetha Tiwana, Hoshiarpur, Punjab. With inspiration of Sant Satnam Singh Ji and Sant Anoop Singh Ji (Una Sahib), Bhai Onkar Singh performed Kirtan in Dera Dharamshala (Una Sahib) for 15 years. From childhood, he has travelled the world to perform kirtan with his jatha. He has performed in many countries including USA, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Bangkok, Dubai and Hongkong. He has had over 30 albums of kirtan released in the market, and that list is still growing.

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