Bhai Guriqbal Singh

Genre Kirtan
City Amritsar
Country India
Years active 1989 to present

Bhai Guriqbal Singh was born in Amritsar on April 22, 1959. His mothers' name was Attar Kaur and fathers' name was Pishora Singh. Both his parents were also true devotees of Sikhism. Bhai Guriqbal Singh is the youngest of his siblings and has been a devout Gursikh since early childhood.

He is married to Bibi Jatinder Kaur, daughter of father Harnam Singh who are also from Amritsar. Bhai Guriqbal Singh has also been running a stationary shop in Amritsar for many years. He often performs Kirtan with his Jatha at their residence and this tradition has been continuing since 1983. His teacher and guide (Murshad) is Baba Kundan Singh.

Bhai Sahib performs Kar-Sewa of many Gurdwara Sahibs. These are done under the banner of the Mata Kaulan Ji Trust. The branches of this trust span along 21 cities. Other than this, two schools and four hospitals are also running under Bhai Guriqbal Singhs' guidance. He is also a published author with books including:

  • Mai Dasihu Maarg Santoh.
  • Jeevan Sedhan (part-I)
  • Sharda dian giaran nishanian
  • Sri Sukhmani Sahib Ji dian Nau visheshtaian
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