Bhai Tajvinder Singh

Genre Kirtan
City Sacramento
Country USA

Growing up in a devout Sikh household, Tajvinder Singh was introduced to learning tabla and kirtan at age 8. Tabla was introduced by Professor Jaswinder Singh Ji (his Mamaji), a music teacher in Rohtak, Haryana and Kirtan was introduced by his mother, Surinder Kaur, who taught him his first shabads. From this early foundation, the young Tajvinder Singh grew so fond of Shabad Kirtan and found himself listening to and learning from Kirtan recordings of various Ragis. In particular, he found inspiration in the kirtan recordings of Bhai Rajinder Singh of Singapore and of Bhai Gurmit Singh Shaant of Jallandhar, who would play a significant role in his life.

At the tender age of 10, he dreamed of performing Kirtan at Sri Darbar Sahib in Amritsar - a dream that would one day be realized as the result of Guruji’s kirpa and incredible devotion and focus during his adolescent years. By the time he was 21, Tajvinder Singh had been performing Kirtan seva on stages across California, becoming a well known and respected Ragi in Gurdwaras across the state. Having performed Kirtan and played tabla with many Ragis and professors from all over the world, his ever growing talent earned Tajvinder Singh trophies and awards from classical Kirtan and classical tabla competitions across California. Meanwhile, he completed his college education and upon graduating from CSU Sacramento with a degree in Ethnic Studies in 2007, Tajvinder Singh traveled to Amritsar along with his father, Gurcharan Singh, and realized his childhood dream of performing Kirtan in Amritsar's Sri Darbar Sahib and later that year was appointed as "Hazoori Ragi Sri Darbar Sahib" - the youngest Darbar Sahib Ragi in history, as well as the first American born Sikh, to achieve this prestigious honor.

Even after receiving the title of "Hazoori Ragi", Bhai Tajvinder Singh still wanted to further his knowledge in classical Kirtan. In 2008, he had the opportunity to meet his mentor, Bhai Gurmeet Singh Shaant and studied under him in order to deepen his training in the Gurmat Sangeet tradition as well as in Indian classical music. After spending several rich years doing Kirtan seva and receiving further training in Punjab, in 2014 he returned to his native Northern California where he currently teaches kirtan to many students and continues to share his love of Kirtan across the world. Each year he returns to Amritsar to sing the Guru’s glorious Shabad and to pay respect to the sacred place of Guru Ram Das Ji, where his lifelong dream was fulfilled. Bhai Tajvinder Singh is a great source of inspiration for Sangat to pursue their dreams and passions, to persevere towards excellence and to lead a Guru-Shabad inspired life.

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