Immortal Productions

Genre Dharmik
Country United Kingdom
Years active 2003 to present

Immortal Productions are a group of individuals that came together to release & produce the Shaheedi series. Immortal Productions provides a platform for people of different backgrounds to utilise their skills for the production of Sikh related educational media. All members of IP work on the projects on a seva (selfless service) basis in their spare time. The IP team consists of various skilled people such as musicians, producers, singers, writers, designers, translators, historians, distributors... Their emphasis is on the propagation of Sikh values through engaging media, such as music, which will connect with people that would not necessarily be able to connect or understand traditional methods of Sikh teaching. They do not aim to replace any Sikh musical tradition but hope listening to the albums will provide a stepping stone to understanding Sikh values to those people that are feeling disenfranchised with society.

Shaheedi Series

The Shaheedi series is an ongoing project initiated by Immortal Productions which began in 2002 with the 1st album titled Shaheedi Immortality. IP teamed up with Jagowale Jatha to launch a new fusion of music. Hip hop was infused with traditional Dhadi Vaars and Kaveeshari Katha to create a new style which would appeal to todays youth. This album was launched with the hope of utilising the powerful medium of music, to educate youth who had little or no exposure to Sikh teachings. This was very much an experimental project and there was no idea on what the reaction would be. The album gained a very positive response from the youth.

After the positive response of Shaheedi Immortality a decision was made to produce another album to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the attack on Harmandar Sahib (the Golden Temple). IP teamed up with other like minded artists Tigerstyle and XS-BASS which resulted in the launch of the compilation album Shaheedi Immortality II - The Second Rising on Vaisakhi 2004. IP have successfully continued to launch an album every year since 2004. 

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