Bibi Guneet Kaur

Genre Kirtan
City Toronoto
Country Canada
Tags raag

Guneet Kaur has been part of the Gurmat Sangeet tradition since the age of 7. Her inspiration for Gurmat Sangeet started with her family and continued with her teachers. She attained her initial training through her mother Gurpreet Kaur and massi Gursharan Kaur. During her masters degree, her training continued with Ajit Kaur (New Delhi) for 6 years. She received her Masters in Indian Classical music from Allahabad University and was a frequent guest of All India Radio. This was followed by further study of Indian classical music with Professor Rajinder Singh who is an All India Radio artist and Mr. Ajay Jha from New Delhi. As she was always passionate about Gurmat Sangeet, she was blessed to further this passion under the guidance of Ustad Baljeet Singh Ji Namdhari. She was fortunate to spend 7 years with him.

She has also sung at the most prestigious Jawadi Kala Gurmat Sangeet samagam for several years. With the Guru’s blessings she has achieved accolades of: awards in College for Gurmat Sangeet, Dr. Manmohan Singh (former Prime Minister of India) granted her with the Nightingale award for best performer in the college, Montek Singh Ahluwalia presented her with the most exceptional musician in college. She has dedicated her life to the art of Indian Classical music and Gurmat Sangeet, not only as a dedicated student but also as a dedicated teacher.

Guneet Kaur is honoured and humbled to be part of this Gurmat Sangeet samagam and is looking forward to seeing all the sangat. For her, kirtan is a way of life, it is what brings peace to mind, body and soul, and is what brings us to the true essence of life.

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