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Andromeda: Non - Gurbani Dharmik
1984 Aftermath Album
13 files
3 Singh Magia - Parnam Shaheedan Nu
14 files
Amar Chamkila - Kandhe Sirhind Diye
7 files
Amar Chamkila - Naam Jap Le
10 files
Amar Chamkila - Talwar Main Kalgidhar Di Haan
15 files
Amrita Virk
Singh Ho Jaavan Qurbaan
Babu Maan - Singh Better Than King
8 files
Balwinder Safri - Kar Shukar Khuda Da
8 files
Balwinder Safri - Khalsa Amar Rahoo Ga
8 files
Bhai Balwant Singh
4 folders
Bhai GuruDas Singh
1 file
Bhai Harcharan Singh - Maa Gujri
6 files
Bhujangi Dialpuri Jatha
16 files
Desi Playa
Immortal Khalsa
Dhana Singh Rangila
Guru Arjan Dev Ji Shaheedi
Dharmi Soorme
24 files
Dj Amit and Dj Avi
Dj Ranj
Never Forget 84
Giani Gurbaksh Singh Gulshan
2 files
Hans Raj Hans
5 folders
Harjit Harman
Singh Soorme
Inderjit Nikku
Ek Onkar
Indi Kaur
Keep On Walking
Jagjit Singh
Sarbans Dani Guru Gobind Singh
Jaspinder Narula
Mere Kaligian Wale Pritam
Jazzy B
2 folders
K S Makhan
Pio Milje Kalgidhar Warga
Kanth Kaler
8 files
Khalsa Revolution1
20 files
Khalsa Revolution2
14 files
Kuldip Manak
5 folders
Lucky Singh - Chardhi Kalah
8 files
Major Rajasthani
7 files
Manmohan Waris
2 folders
13 folders, 9 files
Nabhay Vaalia Bibia
3 folders
Nachhatar Gill
11 files
Parveen Bharta
Dharti Amritsar Di
Ravinder Grewal
4 folders
RDB - Vaisakhi (The Birth of Khalsa)
15 files
Romy Gil - Rang Badle Talwaran De
8 files
Samrama Vaalia Bibia
2 folders
Satwinder Bitti
2 folders
Self Defence
10 files
Shaheedi Immortality 1
7 files
The first Dharmik Geet album from artists Immortal Productions and Jagowala Jatha including interactive data - videos, articles and more are included on the same CD.
Shaheedi Immortality 10 - Jago
18 files
Shaheedi Immortality 11 - Gaddar Di Goonj
17 files
Shaheedi Immortality 12 - Jujharu Khalsa
24 files
Shaheedi Immortality 2
10 files
Dharmik Geet complilation album from artists Dhadi Jatha Kewal Singh Pasla, Immortal Productions, Jagowala Jatha, Jita Sagoo, Malkeet, Manjit Kaur, Navdeep, Tigerstyle, and XS-BASS Operation Bluestar.
Shaheedi Immortality 3
8 files
Dharmik Geet complilation album from artists Dhadi Jatha Kewal Singh Pasla, Immortal Productions, Jagowala Jatha, Tigerstyle, and XS-BASS...
Shaheedi Immortality 4
9 files
Dedicated to Guru Arjan Dev Ji, this fourth album commemorated 400 years of sacrifice, by countless saintly warriors who abandoned the comforts of their homes and loved ones, to walk on a path where mortal death was a near certainty.
Shaheedi Immortality 5 - Panj
12 files
Immortal Productions alongside Jagowale, Kulwinder Singh Johal, Shveta, Surinder Singh & Narinder Singh, Tigerstyle, XS-BASS and introducing Crative Boy, Des-C, G.N.E., Kanwar, Manpreet Singh, Money Spinner & Raxstar proudly present their next addition to the revolutionary Shaheedi series: Panj (punj)
Shaheedi Immortality 6 - Jaagdi Jot - Living Light
13 files
Immortal Productions proudly presents their next addition to the revolutionary Shaheedi series: Jaagdi Jot - Shabad Guru. The TWIN SET CD features exclusive tracks from Tigerstyle, Jagowale, XS BASS, Money Spinner, Immortal Productions, Raxstar, Surinder Singh and Narinder Singh and J Flex. The tercentenary celebration of the Guruship of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee will be undertaken on a massive scale across the globe in October/November 2008. Therefore, it has been decided that it would be fitting if the album was released to coincide with these celebrations. Inspiring vocals, haunting music and spine tingling lyrics return to take us on a historic and rousing journey. A journey that eulogises Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee in an era where there exists hundreds of fakes and pretenders, who’s sole aim is to demolish the unity of the Sikhs by severing their faith in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee. Traditional Punjabi Dhad, Sarangi and Kaveeshar fused with contemporary music pay a tribute to our beloved Guru. Also in celebration of this anniversary, Immortal Productions are releasing a special dual CD format. The second CD contains a unique discourse in English on the importance of Guru Jee in our Daily lives. This format contributes to the ethos of Immortal Productions to break through language and cultural barriers and inspire all Sikhs with their glorious religious heritage.
Shaheedi Immortality 7 - Chaurasi 84
13 files
Inspiring vocals, haunting music and spine tingling lyrics blend together in unison to take us on an epic journey. A journey where the path is drenched in blood, littered with hacked bodies and overflowing with the tears and anguish of our people. Immortal Productions returns to recount that journey, to provide a small window with which we can see the torment of Panjab and Sikhi in India. However, this brutal path also echoes tales of heroism and valour of those Sikhs who decided to die on their feet rather than live on their knees. 1984, changed the face of modern day Sikhi, nothing will ever be the same again. The blood that flowed through Panjab like a sixth river sweeps through the tracks as a plea for us to never lose sight of our plight in India . The traditional Panjabi Dhad, Sarangi and Kaveeshar fused with contemporary music pay a fitting tribute to our fallen brothers and sisters, and instill an overwhelming sense of pride in those who chose to defend them. 25 years have elapsed since the harrowing attack on our Harimander Sahib and the ethnic cleansing that followed. Not a single person has been convicted for the murder of 250, 000 Sikhs, justice continues to elude us. However, the fight continues, and this CD is a humble part of that fight.
Shaheedi Immortality 8 - Inquilab Zindabad
15 files
Shaheedi Immortality 9 - Once We Were Kings
16 files
10 files
Sikh Singapore Education Foundation
9 files
Sikh Unit
15 files
Sukhshinder Shinda feat Jazzy B - Satguru Mera [2009]
10 files
Surinder Shinda
3 folders
Surjit Bindrakhia
2 folders
Yudhvir Manak
Qaum Singhaan Sardaraan Di
Yumla Jatt
16 files
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